ICAP Leather Chem S.p.A. is pleased to announce the achievement of ZDHC level 3 CERTIFICATION ZDHC (MRSL version 3.1) relating to the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals program.

The history of ICAP Leather Chem

ICAP Leather Chem S.p.A. is a dynamic and modern company that was established in 1944, during WW2, with the name ACCA (“Azienda Coloranti Chimici ed Affini”). In 1947, the corporate name was changed to ICAP (“Industria Chimica Ausiliari per Pelli”); after that, in 1953, following an enlargement of its manufacturing activities, the trade name evolved to ICAP Industria Chimica, and the current name was decided in 1995 with the transfer of the headquarters to Lainate, Italy. Thanks to the experience achieved in 80 years of history and the technical abilities of its management, the company, today, has a leading role for the manufacturing and the marketing of high-quality chemical products for various industries.
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