Communication Coronavirus update & Business continuity

Dear customers and suppliers,

since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Icap Leather chem has been monitoring the situation closely.

Icap Leather chem has decided to implement the appropriate protocols in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan. This plan includes: a Virus Contagious Response Plan and a Crisis Action team that meets regularly to manage the updating information from our Government. A safety and hygiene Protocol has been adopted to regulate measures to fight and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace. These are the key points of what we are doing to ensure customer safety, suppliers safety, employee safety, and continuity of production and service.

We have significantly increased the cleaning and disinfecting of all our company areas; hand sanitizer area available anywhere. A chemical toilet for truckers is located in the loading area. We are monitoring our staff closely for symptoms. We have found no affected employees. If any employee should display symptoms he will immediately be asked to stay at home and to contact his doctor for medical diagnosis until the symptoms pass or longer. We distribute daily prevention information and we are monitoring the staff for symptoms daily. We restricted any visitor access to our facilities except for strictly necessary reasons. We have eliminated all travels to all countries. We encourage remote meetings among employees, customers and suppliers.

Regarding our business continuity, we do not have mandatory restrictions and despite of DPCM 22/03/20 and DM Mise 25/03/20, we have the permission to move forward our production activity. Our plan include smart working from home and alternate work times and locations for key employees.

If you have additional questions or requests, please contact our sales and accounting depts.

Icap Leather chem S.P.A.

La storia di Icap Leather Chem

ICAP Leather Chem SpA è una dinamica e moderna azienda che affonda le sue radici nel 1944, durante il secondo conflitto mondiale, quando viene fondata con il nome di ACCA (Azienda Coloranti Chimici ed Affini).
Nel 1947 la denominazione sociale viene variata in ICAP (Industria Chimica Ausiliari per Pelli); successivamente, nel 1953, a seguito dell'estensione delle attività produttive, la ragione sociale evolve in ICAP Industria Chimica per assumere l’attuale denominazione nel 1995 con il trasferimento della sede a Lainate.
E' grazie all’esperienza maturata in 80 anni di storia e alle capacità tecniche del suo management che l’azienda ricopre oggi un ruolo di primo piano nella produzione e commercializzazione di prodotti chimici di qualità per diversi settori.
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